Enjoying Your Slice of Fruit Cake

Enjoying Your Slice of Fruit Cake

The fruit cake industry started during the roman times where they included pomegranate trees and nuts on it. Europe has also started loving this cake during the year 1700’s. They believed that eating a fruit cake gives blessing to their harvest period. For them, it is a celebration for their next harvest and it is their way of hoping and praying to have a good harvest again.

During the 18th century, they have restricted people who consume this cake and at the time, they call it “plum cake”. It was restricted because they believed that it is a sinful act to eat this kind of cake. In England, they also believed in putting a slice of cake under their pillow, this are usually done by unmarried couples. They believe that by doing so, they will be dreaming of the person whom they will be marrying in the future.

Fruit cake recipes are common and famous most especially during the holidays. It is a combination of fruit battered together and this is commonly wrapped with foil. This is common during Christmas and New Year celebration where it has been a tradition to most families to have this cake on their table during the holidays. A lot of families enjoy eating this during the holidays. A lot of people also believe that having this during the holiday season makes them feel the essence of the occasion more.

It can last for weeks and months. One good thing about this cake is that is does not easily rot, it can even last for months for as long as you keep it refrigerated. Other people make use of liquor to make the cake last longer. Liquor also adds up to its delicious taste, depending on the brand of brandy that they use. Add the liquor to the mixture that you made and make it stand with the mixture for at least two to three days.

It is more enjoyable when frozen. This kind of cake is tastier when kept for many days inside a refrigerator. Matter of fact, eating it cool is really more delicious than eating it right after it is baked. Wrap it in foil before you keep it inside a refrigerator and as mentioned, serve it to your guests chilled. The taste of the brandy is also preserved when you place the cake inside the refrigerator. Fruit juice can also be added – providing a more delicious taste to the brandy.

Conclusion: Having a pan or slice of fruit cake on your table is fun. This is something that you and your family will surely appreciate, especially during the holidays. It is something you can eat together during family gatherings. Learn how to make one for you and your family and enjoy your time eating it with your loved ones. Feel the essence and spirit of the holiday seasons through each slice of this fruit cake. You can have it together with your favorite tea or coffee.


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