Health Benefits – Plum and Vanilla

Health Benefits – Plum and Vanilla

Plum, the most important ingredient in the delicious plum cake recipe, is a very popular fruit. It is rich in antioxidants as well as dietary fiber. Regular consumption of the fruit can build immunity and prevent damage to neurons. High content of iron in these fruits helps in cleansing the blood thus preventing heart and kidney diseases. The fruit is loaded with Vitamin C. The fruit can be eaten raw in breakfast. Raw fruit and dried fruit called prune are commonly used in deserts like ice- creams, tarts, pastries etc. Plum wine is locally produced and regularly consumed in Japan, china and Korea. Regular intake of this fruit in fresh or dried form helps in preventing constipation and aids digestion. This also helps in balancing blood sugar levels.

Vanilla beans are primarily used in culinary products as a flavoring agent. Products such as beverages ice creams, cookies, cakes, and many other baked goods have vanilla as an essential ingredient. The bean is an aphrodisiac, meaning its fragrance helps in attraction to the opposite sex or in increasing sexual desire. Vanilla has been long known to prevent many types of cancer, helps in prolonging life expectancy and promotes healthy.

The beans are extensively used in aromatherapy and are known to be very effective in relieving stress, anxiety and depression; the scent has soothing properties. The bean extract also help in curing nasal congestion and in clearing phlegm, the beans of this plant are also used in manufacturing medications for strengthening the immune system. Excessive use of these beans should be prevented as these can be poisonous if consumed in large quantities.


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